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Colleen K. Lambert                  115 8th St.

Beach Haven, NJ  08008


Nancy T. Davis

25 2nd St.

Beach Haven, NJ 08008

Letter from Beach Haven Citizens


Kristina Rutherford

444 Centre St.

Beach Haven, NJ  08008


Laura Polascak

229 11th St., Unit C

Beach Haven, NJ  08008


Robert Scott Cunningham

515 N. Bay Ave.

Beach Haven, NJ  08008


Genevieve Cunningham

127 5th St.

Beach Haven, NJ 08008

Join us for a Live "Meet the Candidates" session on Sept 22nd at 6pm at the Surflight Tent in Veteran's Park. Masks are REQUIRED and Social Distancing rules will apply.  
Pre-Registration is REQUIRED. There are 2 ways to register.  
Click on the ticket link to the
Surflight Theater--Scroll down to Click on BUY TICKETS (event is FREE)
Choose: Candidates' Forum
Select buy tickets (scroll down)
Put in your information and how many tickets (there is no charge).  
OR you can Call the Box Office at 609-492-9477 then push 1 to get the box office. 

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