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Borough Information 

Beach Haven Borough Hall Contact info:

Phone: 609.492.0111  

Fax: 609.492.6262

Address: 300 Engleside Ave

Beach Haven, NJ 08008

Sherry Mason, Borough Manager & Borough Clerk

Mayor & Council Contact Information

Mayor Nancy Taggart Davis:

Council President Catherine Snyder:

Councilwoman Colleen Lambert:

Councilwoman Jamie Baumiller:

Councilman Michael Battista:

Mayor & Council Meeting Information & Links

Council Meetings & Agendas

Council Minutes:              Video Link to Meetings:

Sign Up for to get AGENDAS Emailed:

Members of the Land Use Board

 Appointment by the Manager for a 4 year term


 Name                                  Position     Term Expires  

Bonnie Lenhard, Chair President   Class IV   12/31/2023

Alan Tinquist                             Class IV   12/31/2025

Jim Stevens                               Class IV   12/31/2024

Ken Muha                                Class IV   12/31/2023

Penny Edels                              Class IV   12/31/2025

Gerard J. Genna                       Class IV   12/31/2025

James Balbo                       1st Alternate   12/31/2024

Gary Loffredo                     2nd Alternate   12/31/2024

Richard Wenger                 3rd Alternate   12/31/2024

Kathy King                         4th Alternate   12/31/2024

Nancy Taggart Davis                  Class I    12/31/2024

Tom Medel                                Class II    12/31/2024

Jaime Baumiller                         Class III    12/31/2024

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