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About Us

About the Beach Haven Taxpayers' Association (BHTA): Most of the homeowners of Beach Haven are seasonal and are not eligible to vote in local elections. Established in 1962, BHTA is a non-profit "watch-dog" to identify issues and to monitor the local governing body of behalf of the taxpayers. 

BHTA in the past year listened to comments from our members and improved the communication between BHTA and the borough administration through regularly scheduled meetings. We have been following developments such as: property and school taxes, public work issues, beach replenishment, new town hall municipal complex, Surflight Theater redevelopment and business district revitalization. It was due to these initiates that we moderated a public forum, "Meet the Council Candidates" session in October 2016. The issues raised by taxpayers through our Association were presented to the candidates. 

We are improving our digital media presence with a new website ( launching soon), which will also enable us to foster communication between the taxpayers and local governments. 

In the past, we have been involved with Beach Haven beautification projects and are strong supporters of the Community Arts Programs and the historical museums. In addition to taxed, environmental (bay side/ Bay Ave flooding) and cultural issues will continue to be our focus. 

Board of Directors


Deborah Whitcraft


Steve Steiner

Eileen Bowker

Jeannie Carullo


Patricia Miller

william burris    director

Jackie Fife

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